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Academic Skills Centre

“A service for all students.”

The Academic Skills Centre offers a range of study-based help delivered by a team of specialist lecturers.

So if you are baffled by an assignment, need guidance with structuring an essay or are unfamiliar with the art of referencing, there is always someone you can turn to – and the advice is free.

The Academic Skills Centre (ASC) is open to every student who attends UCB, from school-leavers enrolling on college courses to students taking postgraduate degrees.

All students can make 30-minute appointments for one-to-one help each week at our Summer Row building. If it is more convenient, you can just turn up at one of the daily drop-in sessions held during term time.

If you are a college student, you can also use our drop in centre “The Pod” to see one of our expert advisers at our base at Richmond House (4th Floor Library).

The sessions are driven by what you need, which might include help with:

  • Assignments and projects, including how to structure your work
  • Essay writing – i.e. does your copy flow and read well – and are you using the correct language?
  • Report writing skills
  • Tips on how to get a better grade
  • Getting started with presentations – and how to improve them
  • Building your portfolio of work
  • How to use referencing
  • Subject specific workshops
  • Understanding lecturers’ feedback

Academic Skills lecturers will suggest strategies to improve your academic performance. You don’t have to be struggling with your studies to seek help – staff are also keen to assist students who are achieving good grades but want to ensure they maintain and improve their performance.

Additional learning needs

Because the Academic Skills Centre is open to all our students, lecturers can also help if you have specific learning needs, a health condition or a disability. This might range from proof-reading assistance (provided by English Language Support) to support in the classroom or lecture hall.