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2017/18 Entry Requirements

University College Birmingham welcomes students from all backgrounds and seeks to widen access to all those who are considered to have the potential to succeed in Higher Education. We have a flexible admissions system that recognises diverse learning pathways. In this context vocational qualifications are given the same status as academic qualifications. Access and Foundation courses are recognised and prior experience is also taken into consideration. For more information about how prior learning can be taken into consideration please visit read please read our transfer to UCB information.

The UCAS Tariff 2017/18

The new UCAS Tariff points, which will be used for courses starting from September 2017, are based on a very different calculation of tariff points to that which has existed for the past 15 years. Although the number of points required appears to be less i.e. 96 instead of 240, overall, students will still need to achieve the same grades at Level 3 to meet course entry requirements. To calculate your new tariff points total please refer to the UCAS Tariff Calculator 2017/18 entry.

The UCAS Tariff is a system of quantifying a range of different qualifications so that HE institutions can most accurately assess a student’s academic ability and potential to succeed on an HE course.

If you are studying for or have already completed a qualification included in the UCAS Tariff, then we will in most cases make you an offer based on the tariff points. For VCE qualifications or the new GCE or BTEC National qualifications you will be expected to successfully complete a certain number of 6-unit, 12-unit or 18-unit awards to show depth of study. If you are studying for the Irish Leaving Certificate we will expect you to pass a certain number of subjects at the Higher level and for Scottish qualifications a certain number of Higher or Advanced Higher subjects. We will not normally ask for specific subjects for the above qualifications and we will accept GCE A level General Studies. Tariff points for the core element of the Welsh Baccalaureate are accepted, but tariff points from key skills are not.

Below is a guide to the type of offer we are likely to make you, based on the qualifications you have (or are studying for) and the course you wish to apply for.