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UCB’s International Student advisors are located in the International Student Centre on the Seventh Floor of the Summer Row Campus and can offer help and advice either before you come to Birmingham or after you have arrived.

As an international student, you are likely to have to make extra preparations before leaving home and to require additional documentation from UCB. Please use the checklist below to make sure you are fully prepared.

Before You Travel to Britain

  • For EU students, make sure you satisfy the conditions of the offer of a place given by UCB;
  • Bring all your original qualification certificates and examination results with you – copies will not be accepted;
  • Have a valid passport;
  • Obtain any medical certificates you might need;
  • Make arrangements for your accommodation and bring your accommodation details with you;
  • Book transport to Birmingham;
  • Book UCB’s Airport Meet and Greet;
  • Check the dates for the international student orientation;
  • Plan your budget;

Non-EU students will usually require a student visa.

Once you have made your decision to come to University College Birmingham you will need to make final arrangements, which will include, in most cases, obtaining a Student Tier 4 Visa.

Although you can only apply for the visa within 3 months of seeking to come to the UK, you are advised to apply for your visa as soon as possible – this procedure can take some time, especially during the summer months. Each year, many students are unable to study in the UK because they did not leave enough time for visa applications.

Points-Based System

Student visa applications are now points-scored: in other words, your application will be assessed against specific criteria set up by the UK Government. It will be possible for you to check that you have sufficient points to be granted entry to the UK, before you make your application, by consulting the Home Office website.

Tier 4 Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies Letter (CAS):

You will need to obtain a CAS before you can apply for a visa. You can obtain this from the International Student Centre when you have received an unconditional offer from UCB and you are in a position to accept this offer. You will need to provide this CAS when you make your application to the British Consulate or High Commission in your home country. It is important that you bear in mind that once the CAS has been issued, you will be expected to join the issuing institution, so if you change your mind, you will need to contact International Admissions so that the Home Office can be informed of your decision.

To gain a Tier 4 General Student visa:

You will have to score points against 2 sets of objective criteria with a score of 40 points – 30 points are awarded for the CAS; 10 points are awarded for the Maintenance and Funds Test (you will have to show that you have funds to pay the first year of fees plus £7,380) which means that you must be able to demonstrate that you have and have had for a minimum of 28 days £7,380 as well as any outstanding tuition fees for your course.

You must also be studying on a full-time course, involving a minimum of 15 hours per week organised daytime study; or a course which includes a work placement element which is no more than 50% of the full course length if the course is at Level 6 (a degree course or higher) or 33% if the full course length if your course is at NQF Levels 3-5.

You must also choose whether you wish to undertake a work placement before your arrival in the UK.

As your approved education provider for the duration of your study in the UK, UCB has a number of duties that we are required, by law, to comply with. There are some important points relating to these duties that we would therefore like to remind you of as you prepare for your arrival in the UK.

For international (non-EU) students it is essential that you bring a copy of your passport with your new visa in it and, if applicable, your biometric identity card, to the enrolment session at UCB on the day specified. You will be expected to have our Tier 4 Licence number (6W04D4YG2) printed on your student visa and it may delay or prevent your enrolment if this is not the case.

Non-EU students who are new to the UK should note that the visa you you receive after your application is successful will only be valid for thirty days. It does not entitle you to enrol at UCB and you must arrive at UCB within 24 hours of your arrival in the UK to arrange collection of your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from a specified local Post Office. This Permit contains your permission to be in the UK for the rest of your course (plus a short amount of time afterwards) and is only available from the UK. Failure to do this could mean that you lose your student visa.

We will also need to verify your new address in the UK, so it is important that we receive up-to-date contact details for you as soon as they are available.

The UK Immigration authorities also requires us to maintain up to date records for students whilst they are enrolled at University College Birmingham and we are asked to report any students whose circumstances alter once they arrive in the country. We are required to report students who:

  • Fail to enrol on the course within the enrolment period;
  • Withdraw, or who are withdrawn by us, from their course;
  • Miss 10 expected contacts/lectures without permission from the University;
  • Change their immigration status to another category and therefore their migration sponsor;
  • Transfer to a shorter course or have their length of study shortened;
  • We suspect are breaking the conditions of their permission to stay.

You will also need to keep your CAS statement safe for the duration of your stay in the UK as you may be asked to produce this in the future. As a student under Tier 4, you will be expected to provide us with all the information we need to meet the duties above and your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

If you need to extend your visa in the UK, our International Student Advisors in the International Student Centre will be happy to help you (