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Halls of Residence

Cambrian Hall

UCB currently manages over 1000 places in two different Halls of Residence. The Maltings residential campus includes a large sports hall, the Student Guild Bar, two launderettes and a shop. Cambrian Hall is a traditional 247-bedroom residence located 200 metres from the UCB main entrance.

Information about the different Halls of Residence, and how to go about getting into one, is contained in the accommodation booklet, available from the Accommodation Manager in the Student Services Unit or via the Accommodation section of the UCB website. In 2014/15 the cost of a single room in UCB-managed accommodation is between £78 and £97 per week (all utilities bills included) depending on facilities and location.

You should speak to the Accommodation Manager if you have any queries relating to your accommodation during your time at UCB, be it UCB-managed or private. All study bedrooms in Halls of Residence have free wifi internet access.

Please note: car parking is only available at the Maltings and costs £200 per semester. This is subject to availability.

Private rented accommodation

Limited details of private accommodation can be obtained from the Student Services Unit. You should make your own arrangements directly with the landlord or landlady and are strongly advised to visit the property and room/s before accepting. A Private Accommodation Guide can downloaded or collected from the Student Services Unit.

The approximate cost of private rented accommodation is currently £55-70 per person per week plus any bills included in the tenancy agreement, such as heating, lighting, etc. Remember to take your own meter readings when taking up residency.

Many landlords/landladies will require full rent over the holidays, but it is possible that retainers could be negotiated for the summer vacation.

Landlords/landladies of houses of multiple occupancy may require tenants to sign a lease for the property. Careful thought should be given to the length of a lease before signing. A note should also be made of the provision for payment of a retainer or full rent for vacations. As a tenant, you should be issued with a rent book in which all payments should be recorded. If you are paying rent in cash, ensure that you obtain a receipt as proof of payment. If separate charges are to be made for electricity and/or gas, check whether the flat or bed sitting room is separately metered for these services.

If you are in doubt about signing any agreement, please seek advice from the Student Services Unit prior to signing. Most property owners will let you keep an agreement for 24 hours before you sign.

Always keep a copy of any agreement made. If the property owner wants to keep the only copy, then ask him/her (in writing, if necessary) for a copy of your own.

By law you are entitled to a copy of any agreement you have signed. Always know what you are signing. If in doubt, delay signing for 24 hours and seek advice.

If you do find your own accommodation, remember that you will be entirely responsible for any contract made in obtaining such accommodation. If you are unsure about the terms of an agreement, please seek advice from the Accommodation Manager.  Further information about renting accommodation in the private rented sector may be obtained from the Private Tenancy Section of the Birmingham City Council website or telephone the team on: 0121 303 0444.


If you would like more information please contact the Accommodation team:

By phone: +44 121 232 4131