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University College Birmingham Extenuating Circumstances

During a period of study, students may encounter significant personal difficulties that adversely affect their ability to study or complete assessments and/or examinations. These personal difficulties are referred to as ‘Extenuating Cicrumstances’. Extenuating Circumstances may occur at any point in the academic year and may affect any form of assessment including coursework and examinations and may result in absence from teaching.

Extenuating Circumstances are events that are considered exceptional, unforeseen and that significantly disrupt a student’s academic performance. They may include (but are not limited to):

• Significant or serious illness, accident or injury;

• The recent death or serious illness of a close family member or dependant;

• Family crisis or emergency affecting the student;

• Absence covered by Paternity Leave and Jury Service (deferral of which has been denied by the Court);

• Exceptional and unforeseen financial hardship.

The Extenuating Circumstances Form can be obtained from the UCB Portal and, once completed, it must be presented to the Registry within 10 working days of the original deadline of the affected assignment or date of the examination, alongside appropriate evidence. Alternatively, the documentary evidence can be emailed to Registry on Guidance on the appropriate evidence can be obtained from either the UCB Portal or the Academic Registry. You should familiarise yourself with the Code of Practice on Extenuating Circumstances so that you understand the process clearly, before completing the form.

The result of your Extenuating Circumstances application will be updated on the UCB Portal after a decision has been made.