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Erasmus+ Exchange / International Exchange Programme

Opportunities on European/International Exchange Programmes

As a University College Birmingham undergraduate, there are many opportunities to gain experience at a European/international institution. Exchange programmes, which involve studying part of your course with an overseas partner, offer an excellent way of broadening your learning and cultural appreciation.

The development of an international focus is a key objective in UCB course development, reflecting the nature of the competitive environment experienced by the industries we serve. We are involved in collaborative programmes with institutions and industrial bodies throughout the world.

“Whilst studying at UCB, I had the opportunity to study and work in Spain for six months as part of an Erasmus+ Exchange programme. I firmly believe this experience, along with studying a specific tourism degree, combined with my language skills, gave me the edge over other applicants applying for my current post.”

Sarah Kedge, 2012 Games Strategy Executive, Visit Britain

History of the Erasmus Programme

The Erasmus programme is named after a Dutch humanist and theologian Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536) and is a European Commission’s programme for Higher Education and HE/FE students, teachers and institutions.

The Erasmus programme was introduced in 1987 with the aim of increasing student mobility within the European Community. In 2014, the programme was restructured to become the Erasmus+ student exchange mobility programme, subsequently including European Economic Area countries and the Candidate Country of Turkey. The programme provides grants to EU nationals to study part of their programme in an EU partner institution and for all credits earned in that partner institution to be recognised and count towards the programme of study in the exchange student’s home institution. Therefore, as a UCB student, you could study for one semester in Spain or France, for example, and all the studies you complete earn credits that we use to give you exemption from the equivalent number of credits/modules here at UCB. In this way, undertaking an exchange does not extend your study time with us.