University College Birmingham Dissertation Handbook

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University College Birmingham Dissertation Handbook

The Purpose of Assessment

Over your programme of study you will be assessed using a variety of techniques. Assessment plays a significant role in your learning experience. It aims to:

  • measure the outcome of your learning, in terms of the knowledge you have acquired, your understanding of a particular subject area and the skills you have gained;
  • provide you with feedback on your progress which will assist you in improving your performance;
  • enable the module lecturers and programme managers to monitor your progress and the quality of the programme in general.

Types of Assessment

Typically, module assessments involve coursework of various kinds, tests and examinations. Lecturing staff may, at their discretion, and within reason, modify the method of assessment to allow achievement of the learning outcomes in cases where a student has an identified learning need. All modules contain assessment in a form which is designed to guarantee that the work you produce is your own, unless it involves a team activity, in which case the extent you are allowed to collaborate and collude will be directed by your lecturer. The assessment should enable you to develop your knowledge base of a particular industry or vocational context and a range of subject specific skills and graduate attributes.

An outline of each module’s assessment(s) will be provided by the module lecturer at the start of the teaching programme.

Assignments and How to Submit them

Students must complete a range of coursework as part of their programme; essays, reports, team-work and case studies are all types of coursework. We usually call written coursework which is formally assessed ‘assignments’.

Assignments are normally launched during lecture periods. You may need to submit your work electronically via Turnitin, for which you should follow the submission guidance on your assignment. You MUST ensure your assignment has been submitted to the correct area on Turnitin. Alternatively, your lecturer may direct you to the Assignment Tracking System (ATS) using a 3-box code to access a frontispiece to attach to your work. Input this code when you access ATS. Students who are not present when the assignment is handed out are responsible for downloading it from UCB Online.