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Welcome to the best thing about your time at the University of Chichester. We have a total of three teams including the 1st and 2nd XV competing in BUCS and a Development XV competing in frequent Meritz tournaments. Therefore whether you are looking to play competitively or play more social rugby we have you covered from all angles. In addition we have a strong link with Chichester RFC, who play in the London & SE National 3 League, they have 4 teams and are located right next door. Consequently the club have all the facilities, links, coaching and game-time any rugby player could want or have at whatever level one wishes to play. The Men’s Rugby club welcomes all players of any ability to train and play in a handsome, friendly and dedicated environment.

We claim to host the most inclusive and fun socials on campus run by our specialist social team who ensure you spend all week looking forward to Wednesday’s (the biggest night out of the week). Social events play a fundamental role in team cohesion from the very beginning of the year. Even though there are a wide variety of activities to be involved in other than these they all help the club upholding its reputation as the bestest club who’s fun and outgoing atmosphere is more than any other on campus.

Here are a few short quotes from ex-students:

“The bestestest, most handsome, sing-songiest and funniest club at the university.”(Blewitt, 2015)

“The best decision I made at university was playing rugby for the first time and joining the rugby club.”(Duffy, 2015)

The Men’s Rugby Club works in partnership with local businesses and without their support the Men’s Rugby Club would not be as successful as it is today. Partnerships and exclusive benefits include:

– Masala Gate: 10% discount for all Men’s Rugby club members (Mon-Thurs).

– Real Burger Kitchen: 15% discounted for all Men’s rugby club members (Mon-Thurs).

– The Vestry: Enable a reduction in player memberships by £5.

– Buzby and Blue: Half price on initial haircuts and 15% discount on all additional haircuts for all members.

– Knight fencing: Provided brand new balls and equipment for the 2016/2017 season.

– Chichester Racquet and Fitness club: No joining fees for all Men’s rugby club members (September only).

– Pallant Orthodontists: Significantly reduced custom fitted mouth guards for Men’s rugby club members.

– SignShop: Design and manufacture reduced price bespoke billboards to promote our sponsors.

No other sports club at Chichester University has as many membership benefits as the Men’s Rugby Club. Furthermore the Men’s rugby club raised over £3600 for Leukaemia care last season and has pledged to raise £10,000 in three years. So if you want to play hard, enjoy exclusive membership benefits and give something back…. This club is the club for you!

Committee Members:

President – Lucas Barker

Vice President – Jack Daniels

Secretary – Toby Austin

Treasurer – Ben Blewitt

1st Team Captain – Sean Shepard

Coaching staff:

Head coach – Stephen Woolcombe

Assistant coaches – Simon Carter, Oliver Niesson

SU Sports Federation

To be able to join the club you must have a Sports Federation Membership.

The SU Sports Federation is committed to promoting an inclusive atmosphere for all students to be able to participate in sport. As a member of a sports club you are not only representing your club but also SU Sport, University of Chichester Students Union and ultimately the University of Chichester.

As a member you are expected to adhere to the SU Sport Code of Conduct, please ensure that you read and understand the document below.