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Looking for a thought-provoking degree which has practical application in the real world?

Our BSc (Hons) in Politics is ideal for those who want to approach politics from multiple perspectives and develop their academic skills as well as their employability. This degree will also allow you to study the complex-but-fascinating world of politics, while develop knowledge in British Politics, International Relations, as well as current issues in environmentalism and nationalism.

Course content

This three-year course (full-time) is structured around four thematic strands of study: British Politics, International Politics, Defence and Security, Political Thought and Practice. You will receive a solid grounding in the theoretical approaches and research methods in Politics, and will have the opportunity to complete an individual research project under the personal supervision of experienced researchers. This modular structure offers sufficient flexibility to allow students to take additional vocational modules, such as the work placement, and to spend a semester or two at one of our partner universities abroad.

Study Politics both from a policy-oriented and an academic perspective in order to gain a full understanding of the real world of politics and to prepare yourself for a wide range of challenging career opportunities. This degree allows you to study politics at the national, international, transnational and global levels, as well as to confront and question current political and security challenges such as nationalism, multiculturalism, terrorism, asymmetrical warfare and environmentalism.

The course is supported by an approachable and dedicated staff team with strong teaching skills and international research exposure. In addition to the rich array of Politics modules, students are supported with specialist research training, and are allocated academic advisors who will assist them throughout their 3 years of full-time study. National and International guest speakers provide a fascinating addition that brings the world of politics directly into the campus lecture room. Study visits to political organisations add a further opportunity for learning, and the academic exchange programmes with such partner universities as the University of Leuven in Belgium or the University of Cadiz in Spain allow students to broaden their intellectual horizon and to immerse themselves in a different culture.

The course is enriched by visiting guest speakers working in think tanks, international and non-governmental organisations, and the media. It is also supported by study visits to leading international and European institutions, such as the United Nations in Geneva, and the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Brussels. It is this combination of a solid grounding in Politics with policy-oriented experiences that makes this degree particularly strong.


Year one module information​:

  • Contemporary Europe
  • Africa and the African Diaspora in the Making of the Modern World
  • Imagined Communities: Regionalism in Modern Europe
  • Introduction to Politics
  • Introduction to British Politics
  • International Relations
  • Introduction to the USA
  • Thatcherism and After
  • Russia and the Fate of Eastern Europe

Year 2 module information:

  • Fascist Ideology in Western Europe, 1870-1945
  • Colonialism and Anti-Colonialism in Africa
  • The African Diaspora in Modern Britain
  • Research in Politics
  • Contemporary Security Studies: Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  • Political Ideology
  • International and Regional Organisations
  • Study Visits (follows up on above module)
  • Middle East
  • Intelligence in a Globalised World
  • Foreign Policies of Major Powers

Year 3 Module information

  • Dissertation
  • War, Memory and Political Culture
  • Pan-Africanism
  • A Global History of the Cold War
  • Nationalism and National Populism in Contemporary Politics
  • Politics in East Asia
  • British Foreign and Security Policy
  • The New Scramble in Africa
  • International Political Economy International Law

Entry requirements 2017 – 2018

Typical Offer (individual offers may vary):

A levels: ABB – CCC

Access to HE Diploma: Pass with 15 level 3 credits worth of units at Merit

International Baccalaureate: 28 points