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The BA (Hons) in Outdoor and Adventure Education degree has been running since 2000 and we are confident that our approach to the subject leads to employable students at the end of the course. We work alongside and with industry experts and companies to develop a hands on degree programme that will give students both the physical and classroom-based skills they need to start a career in the Outdoor Education sector. We also take student feedback seriously to ensure that we can work with you in order for you to get the most from your university degree. If you want to join a team of passionate staff and enthusiastic students then this could be the degree for you.

Course content

Our four-year-degree has a distinctive focus upon the adventure education experience, which it achieves through three themes.

Theme One

You will consider how the individual makes sense of the adventure education experience. This could be understanding your own physiology or your own motivation for adventure in psychology for example. Critical reflection on your own personal experience is central to the knowledge and understanding.

Theme Two

You will consider how groups perform in the adventure environment through an understanding of group dynamics and teaching strategies. Consideration will be given to aspects such as leadership, facilitation, decision-making and problem-solving.

Theme Three

You will focus on your impact on the adventure environment, considering environmental philosophy, user conflict and impact reduction.
Through these themes, students reflect on their past experiences, laying down a framework for the understanding of new adventure experiences. To become an effective adventure facilitator, it is essential that practitioners are able to plan purposeful activities by actualising their intended outcomes rather than leaving them to chance.

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Our facilities

At the Bishop Otter campus there is an integrated approach to the provision of learning resources and support.  We offer a substantial collection of books, journals and other materials to help you further your research. A range of study areas for group and quiet study including Wi-Fi areas for laptop use are available, or you can use our open access PC and Mac areas.  We use an electronic learning environment with an expanding portfolio of online library resources from anywhere at any time.