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University Of Chichester Musical Theatre

Perhaps the most exciting thing about our Musical Theatre programme is the involvement of teaching staff, with West End professionals supporting your production work offering you a genuinely challenging environment for the development of your skills.

There are three routes available in Musical Theatre. These are:

  • BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Triple Threat)
  • BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Performance
  • BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Joint)

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) students follow a common first year programme at the end of which they audition for enrolment on a second year programme which reflects their individual strengths. All Triple Threat students audition again at the end of their second year as part of the planning for their third year of study.

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Performance offers you a combination of practical skills development in vocal performance, a range of dance performance styles and the acting skills of a musical theatre practitioner with the freedom to elect a particular focus within this mix. Combining these skills creates an opportunity to position yourself with a very strong offer for future performance work. You’ll develop a broader knowledge of musical theatre and its history and develop an understanding of how this contributes to and reflects contemporary culture.  You’ll also acquire a toolkit of vocational knowledge in work based modules designed to help you to work in a variety of roles, and to develop real understanding of the challenges of work in a professional environment.

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Joint) is a unique way to couple training in musical theatre with other areas of study. The three variant routes are Music, Acting for Film or Arts Development. The Musical Theatre (Joint) programme enables you to choose the balance of acting, singing and dance that best suits you.