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University Of Chichester Housing Fair

Welcome to the official University of Chichester student accommodation search engine. Studentpad lets you search for student houses, flats and lodgings in Chichester and the UK. Find your perfect student house with Studentpad today!

1) Accommodation Checklist

The Exterior

  • The roof looks sound, there aren’t any tiles missing.
  • The gutters and pipes aren’t broken, leaking or full of grass.
  • The window frames aren’t rotten.
  • The windows aren’t broken, cracked or draughty.

The Interior

  • No signs of damp, e.g: dark patches, peeling wallpaper or flaking paint.
  • Few signs of condensation such as mould on the walls.
  • There aren’t any signs of pests, like slug trails and mouse droppings.

Gas & Electricity

  • The plugs don’t get hot when switched on. Check there are plenty of sockets.
  • The wiring doesn’t look old, there aren’t any frayed cables.
  • The gas fire heats up properly and isn’t heat stained (if it is it may be dangerous).
  • When was the last service and is there a valid Gas Safety Certificate.
  • The cooker works! Try it.


  • There is hot water.
  • The taps all work properly.
  • The bath and basins aren’t cracked and the toilet flushes properly.


  • The external doors are solid with five-bar mortice locks. Your insurance may insist on this.
  • The internal bedroom doors all have locks.
  • The windows all have locks.
  • Does it have a burglar alarm? Use your bargaining powers to get one. It is in the landlord’s interest as well as your own.
  • Does it have a smoke detector?

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