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University Of Chichester History BA (Hons) History

Some people say History is written by the victors – and, as part of one of our most popular degrees, we will fuel your passion for history as we explore diverse aspects of past cultures and gain a rich perspective on major current issues. We will provide you with an exciting, challenging, and stimulating experience, looking into exciting events from around the globe – including wars, revolutions, as well as social, religious, and gender issues that have shaped our very identities.

Course content

As a History student at Chichester, you will study a dynamic and challenging subject, explore diverse aspects of past cultures and gain a rich perspective on current issues. Over the course of your degree, you will develop your knowledge of British, European and international history.

In addition, you will study key periods that build on your current studies, including, Medieval and Tudor England, Modern British and European history, as well as African and American history.

Importantly the degree is made to further your next step to employment by offering key modules in teacher education, museum and gallery practice, writing history for public audiences (journalism), and an introduction to documentary film practice. Whatever aspect of Historical life you wish to continue we are here to help you gain the confidence to reach the next destination. You will also gain key career opportunities including work with prestigious international museums, newsprint and television filmmakers, as well as experts in education and ‘history’ for careers in schools and colleges. Few other degrees can boast this level of engagement with the real world.


  • Medieval Europe
  • Medieval England
  • Crusades
  • Witchcaft
  • The Hundred Year War
  • Early Modern Europe
  • The Tudors
  • The Enlightenment
  • Stuart England
  • Social History of Seventeenth Century England
  • Court Life
  • Louis XIV’s France
  • Versailles
  • French Revolution
  • Victorian Britain
  • Fascism
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Cold War
  • Modern Britain
  • Modern Europe
  • Research Methodology
  • Post War Britain (Cool Britannia)
  • Modern America
  • New York City
  • Urban History
  • Legacies of War and Holocaust
  • African History
  • African Diaspora
  • Civil Rights
  • Decolonization and Independence Movements
  • Military history
  • Women’s history
  • Modern Social History
  • Russian history
  • Middle East (Area Studies)

Entry requirements 2017 – 2018

Typical Offer (individual offers may vary):

A levels: ABB – CCC

International Baccalaureate: 28 points

Access to HE Diploma: Pass with 15 level 3 credits worth of units at Merit