University of chester grading system

University of chester grading system


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What happens if I hand my work in late?

Work submitted late is penalised, the penalty is 10 marks for every 24 hour period (or part thereof).

What happens if I exceed the word count?

A 10% excess without penalty is allowed and then a penalty of 5 marks per 1000 words excess is applied. Word count does not include student’s name, title of module and assignment, appendices, bibliography, graphs, tables, diagrams, captions or references to sources.

How do I progress from one year of my programme to the next?

In order to progress you must have passed 120 credits in the previous year. There are some exceptions which are covered in the section on compensation.

How do I pass a module?

You must achieve both:

  • an overall module mark of 40% or greater
  • at least 20% in all components

Where (a) is achieved but not (b) a mark of 39% will be recorded. Reassessment is only required in components awarded less than 40% in failed modules.

University of chester grading system

What is a component mark?

A component mark is normally the mark you are awarded for a piece of work. For example if the assessment for a module is 50% coursework and 50% exam, that is two components. The Module Descriptor will state how many assessment components a module has.

What happens if I fail a module at the first attempt?

You could qualify for compensation; see section below. If you do not qualify for compensation you will need to resit the module. When you resit the module you will have to complete the reassessments of all the failed components for that module.

What is compensation?