University of Cambridge Zoology

By | 9th May 2017

University of Cambridge Zoology

Zoology is a Department that brings together researchers from a great diversity of disciplines, ranging from cell biology to field ecology. What unites us is an interest in the whole organism, and in how systems interact across different levels of organization to generate the complexity of form, function and behaviour that are observed in the living world. Evolution is a theme that underpins and unites much of our work, as does an appreciation of the interaction between living organisms and their environments.

We make no apology for maintaining a broad department with an old fashioned title like “Zoology”. Genetics and genome science is transforming ecology and evolution, as much as it is molecular and cell biology. It is often at the boundaries of traditional disciplines that exciting new ideas arise – for example the impact of developmental genetics on evolutionary biology, or of neuroscience on behavioural ecology.

Within the Department, there is a genuine sense of engagement across these different intellectual disciplines. Chance encounters in the tea room, or a seminar from a different group, may lead to a whole new avenue of research. Our final year undergraduates can choose for themselves a combination of course modules that gives them an almost unique perspective on the subject.

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