University of Cambridge Year Abroad

University of Cambridge Year Abroad

The Year Abroad forms an integral part of your Cambridge course. It is worth spending time and effort in planning it so that it fulfils your expectations and requirements.

The Faculty Year Abroad Office is here to help you, so please do not hesitate to consult our records and ask for advice.

Year abroad placements

Students studying modern languages spend one year abroad using the language they are studying. If you are able to offer a relevant work placement, please contact the relevant office or Careers Adviser.

Engineering students undertake 4-12 week placements during summer (end of June – end of September). To discuss this further, see the Department of Engineering Industrial Placements website.

The Year Abroad Project

Students spend their third year studying or working abroad. This page details the project that students undertake in their third year. For general information about the year abroad and the options available, see

During their Year Abroad, MML students are required to produce a piece of work (a Year Abroad Project) which can be either a dissertation, a translation project or a linguistics project. The projects are submitted at the start of the MML Part II year and the title of the YAP forms the basis of discussion for the Oral C examination.

Students on their Year Abroad in 2016-17 can find more information about their YAP here.

Students on their Year Abroad in 2017-18 can find more information about their YAP here.

You may also be interested in the information on our Learning Resources page.

Students should receive the equivalent of four hours of supervision for their YAP. This can be by face-to-face contact, or by phone or email and may include the reading of a draft.