University of Cambridge Travel Insurance

University of Cambridge Travel Insurance

University of Cambridge Travel Insurance

The University provides travel insurance for employees of Cambridge University and its subsidiary companies whilst travelling abroad on University of Cambridge business, and also for members of supervised departmental fieldtrips.

To find out more information, please see the Insurance Section website.

Travelling Funds

The University offers various travelling funds:

  • Travelling Expenses Fund (TEF) – for University officers attending conferences or travelling for study or research connected with their University duties.
  • Foreign Travel Fund (FTF) – for resident members of the Senate aged at least 50 years who wish to travel abroad, with a view of extending their knowledge in any branch of learning with which their teaching or research is concerned.

More information, and a downloadable application form, is available on the Education Section’s website

Obtaining Travel Quotation

If you are travelling abroad and would like to obtain a quotation, please complete one of the online forms provided by the Central Purchasing Office. By submitting the form, a request will be sent to preferred suppliers, who will then contact you back with the quote.

To obtain a quotation, complete the forms on the Central Purchasing Office website.

Expenses Claims

Claims for reimbursement of travelling expenses and subsistence by persons travelling on University business should be made on the form FD1A.

Full instructions and the form can be found at the Finance Division website.