University of Cambridge Tier 2 Visa

University of Cambridge Tier 2 Visa

Visa requirements

When applying for a visa under the points-based system, applicants are allocated a certain number of points. Under Tier 2 (General), applicants must gain a minimum of 70 points. This is calculated as follows:

Maintenance Requirement

As the University is a Premium sponsor, individual departments are able to ‘certify’ the maintenance of sponsored individuals at their own discretion. What this means is that the University provides a guarantee that the individual will have enough money to support themselves for the first month of employment and that the department will assist them in the event that this is not the case. If the department agree to this undertaking, then the employee will not be required to submit any evidence of funds as part of the visa application. The department should indicate on the appropriate section of the Tier 2 CoS application form that they wish to certify maintenance.

How to apply