University of Cambridge Software

University of Cambridge Software

Obtaining software

UIS Software Distribution; including free, nearly-free, and site-licensed software.

The attention of all users is drawn to the University’s Software Policy.

Software available to members of the University may be:

  • commercial software available through UIS Software Distribution, usually at a discounted price negotiated through CHEST or otherwise
  • software which is free to all
  • software which is free to members of the University (because the University has paid for a site licence) – this includes anti-virus software
  • shareware, generally available for a small payment
  • commercial software purchased directly (for which educational prices may be available)

Note that if you need a particular application which would cost money to obtain for your own machine, you may well be able to use it free of charge on the Managed Cluster Service. In the case of Linux applications, you can do this remotely, from your own machine in your Department or College.

In addition to software for personal use, the UIS also offers a service for the purchase of SSL and TLS server certificates.


The University of Cambridge (informally Cambridge University) is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, England, often regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Founded in 1209 and given royal charter status by King Henry III in 1231, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s third-oldest surviving university. The university grew out of an association of scholars who left the University of Oxford after a dispute with the townspeople. The two ancient universities share many common features and are often referred to jointly as “Oxbridge”.