University of Cambridge Primary School

University of Cambridge Primary School

UTS Cambridge, trading as University of Cambridge Primary School, is a private company limited by guarantee, and an exempt charity, registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08557665, with registered address: The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TS. The company is not registered for VAT.

Our Vision

The University of Cambridge Primary School aims to be:

  • Ambitious: everyone will be encouraged and enabled to achieve and attain highly
  • Innovative: the learning community will benefit from belonging to a research and teacher education community both within the school itself and as part of wider University and school partnerships
  • Inclusive: diversity will be welcomed in a caring environment where everybody will be valued.

Our Values

We do not believe that learning is a competition.  Instead we expect everyone to strive hard to develop the mindsets to go further than they expected.  We foster our three principles of ambition, innovation and inclusion through a culture in which empathy, respect, trust, courage and gratitude are explicitly and implicitly taught within a democratic community.  We want every voice to be valued and everyone empowered to be the best that he or she can be.

The importance of collaboration will infuse the school community – so that together everyone achieves more.

  • Empathy: listening carefully to others, learning together for the benefit of all
  • Respect: treating everyone with dignity
  • Trust: building relationships with a shared vision
  • Courage: developing resilience, determination and releasing the imagination to develop possibility-thinking attitudes
  • Gratitude: acknowledging one another with good manners, with thoughtfulness and consideration for each member of our community and the contribution they make.

Every voice: a culture of ideas
Our school ethos values the importance of empowerment and agency. All children, staff and families will be encouraged to contribute ideas about how the school community can enable learning to be irresistible.

Listening to children and encouraging dialogue and debate will be central to our whole school approach. We aim to develop mixed-age circle meetings throughout the school where every member of the community can contribute their views, trusting that their voice will be heard.

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