University of Cambridge Notice Period

University of Cambridge Notice Period

University of Cambridge Notice Period, Notice of leaving

If you wish to terminate your appointment before its expiry date you should submit a written resignation to the University’s signatory to your contract, providing the precise date on which your resignation will take effect and, if possible, brief details of your destination on leaving the University. Further details are given in your contract of employment regarding the length of notice that you are required to give to terminate your appointment.

Leave after termination of employment

If your employment terminates and you have not taken your accrued entitlement, you will be entitled to take the balance of holiday due before your service ends. In circumstances where your head of institution finds it impractical to grant you this entitlement before your service ends, you will be paid salary in lieu of annual leave under the Working Time Regulations. However, payment is not offered as an alternative to taking your holiday.


Termination of limited term appointments

If your post is supported by funds received from outside the University or if you have been appointed on a temporary basis to meet a specific need or because of unusual circumstances, you will be notified of the date upon which your appointment terminates when you are appointed. You should therefore enquire of your supervisor well in advance of the termination date whether your appointment is likely to be extended.