University of Cambridge Notable Alumni

University of Cambridge Notable Alumni

A list of University of Cambridge people, featuring members of the University of Cambridge segregated in accordance with their fields of achievement. The individual must have either studied at the university; although they may not necessarily have taken a degree; or worked at the university in an academic capacity; others have held fellowships at one of the university’s colleges. Honorary fellows or those awarded an honorary degree are not included and neither are non-executive chancellors. Lecturers without long-term posts at the university also do not feature, although official visiting fellows and visiting professors do.

The list has been divided into categories indicating the field of activity in which people have become well known. Many of the university’s alumni/ae, have attained a level of distinction in more than one field. These individuals may appear under two categories. In general, however, an attempt has been made to put individuals in the category for which they are most often associated with.

Politics and royalty


Royal persons