University of Cambridge Microsoft Office

University of Cambridge Microsoft Office

University of Cambridge Microsoft Office

How to get Office 365 ProPlus for your personal devices

Once you have established that you are entitled to do so (via Lookup, see above), the installation process is quite simple:

Step 1

Have you enabled your University Microsoft account yet?

If you have not already signed up for your University Microsoft account, you’ll need to follow the instructions here (please allow up to 3 hours for this process to take effect before you come back here to install your Office 365 ProPlus software):

Getting started with your University Microsoft account (no University Microsoft account yet)


Step 2

Uninstall your current Microsoft software

You must uninstall any other version of Microsoft Office you have on your device before you begin the installation of the new package.

For more information on how to do this, see Microsoft’s instructions for uninstalling older versions of Office:

How to uninstall Office 2013, Office 2016, or Office 365 (Windows)

How to uninstall Office 2010 (Windows)

How to uninstall Office for Mac 2011


Step 3

Install Office 365 ProPlus

Follow the links below to find the instructions for installing Office 365 ProPlus on your operating system. Please read the whole page before starting the installation process because it contains some Cambridge-specific instructions:

Install Office 365 ProPlus for Windows >

Install Office 365 ProPlus for Mac OS >

Mobile devices

Instructions for mobile devices, including tablets, are available on Microsoft’s website: