University of Cambridge LLM

University of Cambridge LLM

Why do the Cambridge LLM?

The Cambridge Law Faculty offers a world-renowned, internationally-respected LLM (Master of Law) programme. The one-year taught course offers highly-qualified and intellectually-outstanding students the opportunity to pursue their legal studies at an advanced level in a challenging and supportive environment. The programme has rich historical traditions and attracts students of the highest calibre from both common law and civil law jurisdictions. It is intended for those wishing to pursue further legal studies after completing their first degree in law, including both recent graduates considering an academic career or intending to practise law as well as those taking a career break and seeking to broaden their intellectual horizons.

The programme runs full time from October to June, and is taught by Cambridge academics, many with highly regarded international reputations. Studying for the Cambridge LLM is an enriching, stimulating and demanding experience. Students often surprise themselves with what they can achieve.

The following pages provide prospective applicants with a brief guide to the Cambridge LLM and its admissions processes. We hope it contains the information you need, and that you are inspired to come and see what we have to offer.


Cambridge University is organised on a collegiate basis, with 31 Colleges. The Colleges provide accommodation, access to dining and sporting facilities and various forms of student support.

All LLM students have a Director of Studies in their College who is able to provide general academic support. Most Colleges also have a graduate tutor who can provide pastoral support.

By contrast, lectures, seminars and small group teaching for the Cambridge LLM programme are provided exclusively by the Faculty of Law.

LLM students are encouraged to participate fully in the rich academic and social life of their College. Most Colleges have their own law societies and other alumni networks complementing those offered by the Faculty and the University.

Further information about the Colleges is available on either the University of Cambridge Graduate Admissions Office (GAO) website or on the individual College websites or via the University’s website. Whichever College you join – and they are all different – experience tells us it will add something memorable to your year in Cambridge.

More detail on how Colleges and students are matched is also available on the GAO website.