University of Cambridge International Examinations

University of Cambridge International Examinations

Exam timetables

All Cambridge schools are allocated to one of six administrative zones. Each zone has a specific timetable (available to download below). The timetable for schools in the UK is also available on this page.

It is essential that you use the correct version of the timetable for your zone. If you are unsure which administrative zone your school is in, please check by going to the Administrative zone section.

Schools are responsible for making sure they use the correct version of the timetable. We cannot accept responsibility for candidates who miss an exam because they have consulted the timetable for the wrong administrative zone.

Key Times

Each Centre taking our exams is given specific Key Times based on their country and location, when all candidates taking timetabled exams must be either in an exam or under Full Centre Supervision. Please see the relevant Cambridge Handbook for further information on Key Times and Full Centre Supervision.

Phase 6 – Results and certificates

Understanding and preparing for results

We release results through CIE Direct and then send you a hard copy provisional results despatch. Results day can be very busy so it helps if you prepare:

  • Check you can access CIE Direct and the Candidate Results Service
  • Book a room for distributing results
  • Organise support from colleagues to help you distribute results.

Esure your candidates know:

  • what time to arrive and where to go to get their results
  • what to bring with them (for example you may want private candidates to bring photo ID)
  • how to collect their results if they cannot do it in person.

Candidate access to results

We offer a service that allows candidates to access their results online. You can control which of your candidates get access to this site via CIE Direct. To find out more watch our video or download the guidance notes listed on this page under ‘Extra Guidance’.