University of Cambridge HR

University of Cambridge HR

About HR

The Human Resources (HR) Division supports the achievement of excellence in education, learning and research via the recruitment, retention, reward, recognition and development activities undertaken with and for University staff. In addition, the Division seeks to ensure that the University continues to maintain and enhance its reputation as a leading employer. Alongside the effective HR policies, procedures and guidelines being in place throughout the full life-cycle of employment, the Division offers a wide range of specialist HR and support services to staff, who are the University’s greatest asset.

HR teams aligned to Schools and Institutions

Seven HR teams led by HR Business Managers are each aligned to one of the six academic Schools within the University, with one team aligned to the Unified Administrative Service (UAS) and the Non-School Institutions. The School Teams provide advice, guidance and HR administration on both strategic and operational matters within their area.

Specialist HR Teams

The HR School Teams work within the HR Operations area, which incorporates other core service teams providing specialist support, guidance and administration in the areas of:

  • Recruitment and contract changes
  • Immigration and compliance
  • Pay and benefits
  • Job evaluation
  • Maintaining staff records
  • The provision of HR management information