University of Cambridge Email

University of Cambridge Email

Hermes email

Hermes is the name of the UIS system that provides mailboxes for all students and many staff. Currently over 30,000 people have mailboxes on Hermes. There is a limit (quota) to the total space you are allowed to use (2Gb for most users). For reasons of efficiency you should try to keep your account tidy by deleting messages that you have read and moving messages you wish to keep out of your ‘inbox’. The maximum size of an individual message that can be sent from or delivered to Hermes is 50Mb.

You can read your Hermes mail using any standard mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.) on any device or via a web browser using Hermes Webmail. For further information, please see the Hermes email section.

University of Cambridge Email for Admin/ACN users

Administrative Computing Network (ACN) users – for example, those in or associated with the Unified Administrative Service (UAS) – generally use a separate mail system rather than Hermes. Details of this may be found in ‘Email for Admin/ACN users‘.

Online email directories

There are two email directories in Cambridge, both accessed from

  • A world accessible directory of Cambridge email addresses contains the email addresses of everyone in the University who has consented to have their address included. You are asked whether you wish to be included in this directory when you register – see ‘@cam addresses, delivery options and the public directory’.
  • You can also configure your mail program to use an online Cambridge address book (part of the University Lookup Directory). This is accessible only by Raven authentication (and automatically available to you on Hermes Webmail). For configuration information see ‘Using LDAP  to find email addresses’.