University of Cambridge Dropbox

University of Cambridge Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular service for synchronising a directory between different devices. However it is designed for use on personal computers where the home directory is stored on local disk and has large amounts of space available. This means that the typical setup is not appropriate for our system where we have disk space quotas and home directories are stored on a central server and accessed over the network.

Therefore we have configured our Ubuntu system to keep the Dropbox directory in its own scratch area by default. If you used Dropbox before the upgrades in April 2017 your Dropbox folder may be elsewhere.

A basic Dropbox account is free, but Dropbox also offer a couple of paid account “plans” which provide much more disk space than the standard 2GB and additional features such as better file sharing and the ability to recover old versions of files.

  • Dropbox Plus aka Dropbox Pro for individuals
  • Dropbox Business for teams

The University offers discounted Dropbox Business accounts at £55 per year if payment is made by purchase order. Access to University Dropbox Business accounts is secured by Raven and they can only be linked to addresses of the form

  • If you already have a Dropbox Pro or Dropbox Business account and wish to upgrade it to a University Dropbox Business account, change the email address associated with your account to your address first in order to receive a pro rata refund of your subscription fee.

You can maintain a personal Dropbox account and a University Dropbox Business account simultaneously and can connect the two accounts via the Dropbox web interface. However the Linux Dropbox client can only sign into one account.