University of Cambridge Branding

University of Cambridge Branding

Strategic Branding in the Social Media Era

A strong brand has been the primary strategic asset for firms, and therefore building a strong brand is becoming a central component of a firm’s marketing strategy. However brand building is always a challenging endeavour, especially in the social media era, as it requires managers to have deep insights on consumer psychology, market competitive dynamics, opportunities and threats associated with social media, and their own organisational capabilities.


This programme deals with the brand building strategies and process. To be more specific, the topics covered in the programme include:

  • The strategic brand management process
  • How to build a strong brand
  • Brand positioning
  • Choosing brand elements
  • Communicating the brand
  • Benefits of social media for brand building
  • Branding challenges in the social media era
  • Social media strategies for brand building
  • Brand equity measurement techniques
  • Managing multiple brands
  • Internal branding
  • Leveraging the value of brands
  • Dealing with brand crises
  • Energising brands

Who should attend

This programme is targeted at those who have the ability to initiate change in their organisations or business units, those responsible for or contributing significantly to the development and implementation of brand building strategies, and also any entrepreneurs and executives wishing to broaden their strategic horizon with respect to brand management.