University of Cambridge 3D Printing

University of Cambridge 3D Printing

We currently have five RS/IdeaWerk machine for use by undergraduates.

We intend to buy a further circa five machines in the next few months, but are as yet undecided on which type.

Undergraduates are able to operate the RS/IdeaWerk machines if they have been shown how, or if they have not been shown how, please see the Powerpoint slides or the manual above/below (note they are quite detailed as they cover everything we think you might need to know).

Note that for Researchers and Members of Staff, if you desperately need some parts producing, then you may like to consider one of the “bureau” services offered by one of the many companies out there:

Paying for your 3D prints

You can now pay for your 3D prints through EPOS click now on the link below to access the payment page.

Note: The printing charges are £1 per every 30g printer (to the nearest whole pound), Postgraduates have an additional charge of £7 for every £7 worth of printing.

Don’t forget to fill out a charge sheet and write on ‘EPOS payment’ or we would not know you have already paid for your prints!

Special and Other Filaments