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University of Buckingham Wainwright

University of Buckingham Wainwright

Professor Milton Wainwright

Milton WainwrightHonorary Professor, Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology

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Professor Wainwright is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield. His recent publications include:

Wainwright, M., How do bacteria get to the stratosphere? Proceedings SPIE Conference on Astrobiology (San Diego, 2007).

Wainwright, M. , Some highlights in the history of mycology – a personal journey, Fungal Biology Reviews 7 (2008), 2297-102.

Wallace, M.K., Wainwright, M., Wickramasinghe, J.T. & Wickramsinghe, N.C., Pitfalls of geocentricism, Astrophysics and Space Science 37 (2008), 145-146.

Wainwright, M., It’s not Darwin’s or Wallace’s theory, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 25 (2008), 1-8.

Wainwright, M., The high cold biosphere – Microscope studies on the microbiology of the stratosphere. In Focus –Magazine of the Royal Microscopical Society 12 (2008), 32-41.

Wainwright, M., Leswd, A. & Alshammari, F., Bacteria in amber coal and clay in relation to lithopanspermia, International Journal of Astrobiology 8 (2009), 141-143.

Wainwright, M., Charles Darwin and microbes, Microbiologist 10 (2009), 32-35.

Wainwright, M., Musings on the origin of life and panspermia, Journal of Cosmology 5 (2010), 1091-1100.

Wainwright, M., Alshammari, F. & Alabri, K., Are microbes currently arriving to Earth from space?, Journal of Cosmology 7 (2010), 1692-1702.

Wainwright, M., The forgotten history of panspermia and theories on the origin of life, Journal of Cosmology 7 (2010), 1771-1776.

Wainwright, M., The overlooked link between non-virus microbes and cancer, Science Progress 93 (2010), 393-40.

Wainwright, M., Patrick Matthew – from natural selection to the germ theory, Microbiologist 11 (2010), 43-45.

Wainwright, M., Fungi: amazing chemists, In: Coleman, M. (ed.) From Another Kingdom: The Amazing World of Fungi (Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Gardens, 2010).

Alshammari, F., Wainwright, M., Alharbi, K. & Alhabri, S., Studies on ultrasmall bacteria in relation to the presence of bacteria in the stratosphere. International Journal of Astrobiology 10.2 (2011), 99-103.

Wainwright, M., Charles Darwin: Mycologist and refuter of his own myth, Fungi 4 (2011), 12-20.

Wainwright, M., The overlooked link between non-virus microbes and cancer, Science Progress 93 (2011), 393-402.

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