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University of Buckingham Student Room

University of Buckingham Student Room



University of Buckingham

Buckingham is the UK’s only independent university. This means that it does not benefit from the same funding as other universities, and as a result the fees for students are higher. However, this also results in a unique course and experience.

Buckingham offers three start dates for degrees – January, July, and September. So if you want to travel between sixth form and university without taking a full gap year this may interest you. Whilst studying at Buckingham, the term dates differ as there is not a long summer vacation. Instead, the course is more intensive and you will receive your degree in 2 years rather than 3.



The University of Buckingham’s Library is on two sites. Both are wireless zones allowing you to connect your laptop to the network. Both libraries have photocopying and scanning equipment.


Hunter Street

  • Covers business and humanities subject areas
  • Has computer terminals for student use
  • Has an audio-visual room


Franciscan Library

  • Covers law and science subject areas


IT and Computing

Buckingham spends more per student on IT than most other UK universities. This means that there are well equipped computer rooms open 24 hours a day throughout term. All computers run Windows 2000, and have all the necessary software. There are 9 print stations on campus, so it is easy to find somewhere to print your work. Undergraduates are able to print their first 200 pages per term for free, and after that there is a small charge of 4p per page.

If you have any computer problems, dedicated support is available by email, phone, or in person. The university can provide one-on-one computer training sessions if you feel you would benefit and if you request them. Alongside your degree, you will receive regular group IT sessions to support the curriculum.