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University of Buckingham Registration

University of Buckingham Registration


One of Registry’s main functions is the maintenance of all student records. It is therefore essential that all information provided by you is up-to-date. You must keep Registry informed of any changes in your registration details, which include: contact address, telephone number, and next of kin etc.


Buckingham is the only university independent of direct government support in the United Kingdom and has used its independence to pioneer a distinctive approach to higher education.

On 27 May 1967, The Times published a letter from Dr J. W. Paulley, which said, “Is it not time to examine the possibility of creating at least one new university in this country on the pattern of those great private foundations in the USA, without whose stimulus and freedom of action the many excellent state universities in that country would be so much poorer.”

This idea was taken up by a number of people in the business and academic worlds and three London conferences followed, two in 1968 and one in early 1969. Active supporters included Max Beloff, then Gladstone Professor of Politics at Oxford and later first Principal of the University College at Buckingham, Professor Harry Ferns and Ralph Harris. Harry Ferns and Ralph Harris were both prominent members of the Institute of Economic Affairs, an organisation whose ideas have played a major role in the development of the University.


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