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Welcome to The University of Buckingham Medical School.

Building on from the Buckingham ethos of putting the student first and above all else, our medical school is small enough for our students to be part of a coherent and supportive community, and large enough to provide all the experience you need to become a medical practitioner.

Our condensed 4.5 year MB ChB programme is derived from a well-established curriculum. Its every aspect is engineered to help you develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become a professional and ethical doctor.

Our Medical School is suited to both UK and international students. As an independent medical school, we have no cap on international student places



Welcome to the University of Buckingham Medical School

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Medical School Building

The University of Buckingham Medical School is the UK’s first independent not-for-profit Medical School. Our guiding philosophy is to produce highly ethical, honest and compassionate doctors who will put the patient first.

Our curriculum is derived from a well-established MB ChB programme that has been refined over 20 years to provide optimum learning experience. Every aspect of it has been engineered to fully equip our students with the skills necessary to start their journey as medical practioners.

The Medical School embraces The University of Buckingham ethos of focusing on student experience. This has allowed the University to lead the National Student Survey for Student Satisfaction for the past eight years.

Undergraduate Medical School

MB ChB Course

Please use the diagram below to navigate through the MB ChB Course:

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Molecules, Genes and Disease Tissues of the Body Metabolism Clinical Problem Solving I Clinical Skills Foundation Course Narrative Medicine Musculoskeletal System Mechanisms of Disease Membranes and Receptors Health and Disease in Populations Clinical Skills Foundation Course Cardiovascular System Respiratory System Urinary System Health, Psychology & Diversity Clinical Skills Foundation Course Infection & Immunity Gastrointestinal System Reproductive System Health & Disease in Society Clinical Skills Foundation Course Student Selected Component Clinical Pharmacology Head & Neck Clinical Skills Foundation Course Student Selected Component Nervous System Integrative Clinical Problem Solving 2 Musculoskeletal Care Peri-Operative Care Cardio-Respiratory Care Gastrointestinal Care Mental Health Care Clinical Methods Student Selected Components Special Senses / SSC Cancer Care / SSC Acute Care Child Health Reproductive Health Elderly and Chronic Care Student Assistantships

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Postgraduate Medical School

MD in General Internal Medicine (Clinical)

The University of Buckingham offers two routes to the award of an MD in General Internal Medicine:

  1. A 2-year structured MD in General Internal Medicine (Clinical)
  2. A one-year MSc in Clinical Science, followed by a 2-year structured Clinical MD

The MD programme launched in May 2008, and is open to physicians who have completed a one-year compulsory internship. The MSc option is for those doctors who want formal research experience in a laboratory environment in addition to clinical training

University of Buckingham School of Medicine is a GMC approved sponsor for full registration with the GMC. The University will start sponsoring selected candidates on the MD programmes for full registration in the near future. Such candidates will be granted full registration by the GMC at the end of first 3 months of their MD programme, enhancing the clinical experience during the remaining MD training. Providing candidates’ performance during the MD training remains satisfactory, GMC registration will remain valid after the successful completion of the MD programme.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Admissions Officers.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Officer:  Stephen Maden
  • Postgraduate Admissions Officer: Miriam Averna

Tel: +44(0)1280 828275 or +44(0)1280 827550