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At Buckingham we believe in the notion of total journalism – being confident and proficient in the skills needed to produce compelling reportage in any medium, whether online, in print, on air or on mobile. Equally important is the ability to engage in the media market, whether working for an organisation or as an independent.

At the heart of our courses is professional practice: from the start, students will be developing their writing, filming, editing and presenting skills not just under lecture conditions but as part of the team that produces our live weekly news bulletin. In addition, students host their own radio shows and contribute to the departmental magazine.

We offer a media education combined with skill-based training that creates work-ready entrants into the field not just of journalism but of public relations, advertising and marketing.

All lecturers on the practical side of the degree course have extensive experience of working at the highest levels in their fields. Many remain working journalists with invaluable insights into current working practices and future technology. More theoretical course elements will help you form a picture of why journalism matters in today’s society, how media law works and, increasingly relevantly, the business of media.

Students can also expect to benefit from the experience of a variety of high-profile guest speakers.

The BA (Hons) in Journalism, in combination with a choice of minor subjects enables students to hone exceptional reporting skills while developing a valuable specialism. Find out more >>

BA (Hons) Communication, Media and Journalism

Entry requirements: A-level: CCC / IB 29
Full or Part-time: Full-time
UCAS Code: QP35

School: School of Humanities Back to course finder

Course outline

The main BA degree in this area comprises study and training in a wide range of aspects of the subject-field, including online media, news management, PR, advertising, photojournalism, broadcast journalism and legal / ethical issues in journalism, and is intended for those considering careers in these and related fields.

The degree consists of a combination of courses in communication and English language studies together with a range of introductory and then advanced-level courses in media and journalism. The former aim to professionalise students’ English language and writing abilities, while the latter include courses in the technological aspects of media and journalism.

This degree differs from the department’s English Studies with Media Communications or with Journalism programmes in the following ways:

  • Students do suitable communication projects of their own choosing related to media or journalism.
  • There are no literature courses but there are free choice options.
  • There is an extra course on film making.

Modules available on this course

  • Advertising
  • Change in English
  • Current Affairs TV
  • Design for Media
  • Design for Print
  • Digital Publishing
  • Discourse and Debate
  • Diversity in English
  • English Composition
  • Feature Writing
  • Film Studies
  • From Data to Story
  • Global Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Language and Power
  • Language and Society
  • Literary Journalism (1642-present)
  • Media Discourse
  • Media Studies
  • Media Work Placement
  • News Management and Public Relations
  • Photojournalism
  • Principles of Media Practice
  • Radio Journalism
  • Videocraft

Full course information in the University Handbook


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