University of Buckingham Humanities Research Institute

University of Buckingham Humanities Research Institute

University of Buckingham Humanities Research Institute

Humanities Research Institute

Humanities Research InstituteFounded in 2008, the University of Buckingham’s Humanities Research Institute exists to bring together internationally distinguished scholars working in the field of the humanities, to support their research, and to engage them in the life of the University. The Institute’s Fellows and Visiting Professors are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, but have notable concentrations in the areas of military history and security studies, political history, the history of art and connoisseurship, and nineteenth-century literature and social history.

The Institute also fosters the development of innovatory graduate-student research programmes within the humanities. Since 2009, the Institute has promoted the launch of a series of London-based research programmes, which include Military History, Modern War Studies, History of Art, Archaeology, History of Sport, Biography, Dickens Studies, The English Country House, Tudor History and Philosophy. The Institute actively promotes academic and inter-disciplinary collaboration with other leading institutions, and over recent years has worked in association with the Wallace Collection, London, in the development of teaching and research in the study of the decorative arts and curatorship; with the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in the development of the University’s new research programme in Modern War Studies; and with the Royal United Services Institute in the production of a major policy paper examining the lessons of history for the formulation of contemporary British strategy.

Full list of Fellows

The Institute is composed of some thirty Fellows in various categories, and supports a series of Visiting Professorships, with a particular focus in history, history of art, modern war studies and international relations. CLICK HERE for the full listing, which also provides short biographies and details of major and recent publications.


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