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The 2-Year BSc.(Hons) in Biomedical Sciences

What is the Medipathways BSc.(Hons) in Biomedical Sciences?The Medipathways BSc.(Hons) in Biomedical Sciences is a unique 2-year programme taught on the campus of School of Economic Sciences, which is conveniently located in the heart of Central London. The course is validated by the University of Buckingham, awarding successful graduates of this course a BSc. in Biomedical Sciences degree.
What makes this BSc. programme unique?
  • As far as we are aware, this is the first and only 2-year BSc. (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences in the UK.
  • It gives students an opportunity to complete a Biomedical Sciences BSc. in just 2 years, as opposed to the traditional 3 years.
  • Medipathways 2-Year BSc.(Hons.) in Biomedical Sciences students are provided with automatic membership of the Royal Society of Medicine in London – the UK’s largest provider of medical CPD and a great resource for all aspiring medics and dentists. This provides our students access to extensive online resources, events, e-journals and membership (including access to borrowing resources) at the largest medical library in Europe. Visit for more information.
  • Currently, virtually all medical and dental schools in the UK will consider graduates of this 2-year BSc. in exactly the same way as graduates of a conventional 3-year degree programme. They usually require at least a 2.1 honours degree, as well as other more specific entry criteria which can be confirmed by contacting them directly.
  • It costs the same in tuition fees as other 3-year BSc. programmes – so you are not paying a premium for finishing early. In fact, since you are saving a year, that also means you save a year of accommodation, food and travel – an average of £12,000
  • If you decide to secure employment after graduation, you will also start earning one year early. This is an average income of £25,000 – when others who are progressing to year 3 of their BSc. have yet another instalment of fees and living expenses to pay.
  • We believe our graduates are better prepared academically. Students who can complete a 3-year course in just 2 years display ability to manage a greater task-load. This may appeal to universities when applying for postgraduate courses, including medicine or dentistry which are regarded as intensive courses.
  • When in employment, employees do not get a long summer break and neither do our students. This informs prospective employees that our graduates are better prepared for hard work – making them stick out in the pile of other applicants they receive.
  • Confirmed place in advance to study medicine abroad if UK applications do not succeed – see: Articulations

For further reasons why this course is so popular, please see our: 10 Reasons page

Course Content

The course offers students a strong understanding of medical science taught at degree level. The programme offers a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and real-world application through a range of teaching methodologies, such as lectures, small group tutorial sessions, problem-based learning, one-to-one personal tutoring, seminars, practicals and personal assessments.

Stage 1 (September – June)

  • Foundations of Medical Science (L4)
  • Doctors, Patients and Health (L4)
  • Molecular Cell Biology (L4)
  • Brain, Muscle and Coordination (L4)
  • Gut, Hormones and Metabolism (L4)
  • Circulation and Fluid Balance (L4)
  • Matter and Energy in Medicine (L4)

Stage 2 (July  – September)

  • Integrated Pathology and Therapeutics 1 (L5)
  • Inflammation, Infection and Immunity (L5)
  • Experiments Data and Evidence (L5)
  • Cell Signalling and Communication (L5)
  • Integrated Pathology and Therapeutics 2 (L6)
  • Genes, Disease and Identity (L6)
  • Brain, Physiology and Behaviour (L6)
  • Independent Project (L6)

Tuition Fees

Medipathways BSc. in Biomedical Science: £27,000 in total for the full 2-year course.

We are currently unable to consider applications from international students that require a Visa to study in the UK. Student finance may not be available from the Student Loans Company, so please budget accordingly. 

Entry Requirements

Each applicant is considered on a case-by-case basis, and an interview may be required. • A-Level grades of BBB , which include Biology & Chemistry (or equivalent e.g. IB score of 32 points overall) are usually our standard requirement for entry onto our 2-year BSc. programme. • Successful completion of the Medipathways Foundation guarantees a place onto the Medipathways BSc. • Equivalent qualifications, such as the Irish Leaving Certificate, the I.B. Diploma and the Scottish Advanced Highers are also accepted. Prospective international applicants with other qualifications should contact us for an individual assessment. • We welcome applications from students who have successfully completed a BTEC programme of study, however students who have a BTEC as their highest attained qualification will normally be offered the Medipathways Foundation programme. • If English is not a student’s native language, they are normally expected to have passed a recognised test in English to the level of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent (with not less than 6.0 in the writing and listening sections).

Please note: If your actual grades fall below these requirements, contact us to discuss as we may be able to look into your circumstances and the possibility of an individual plan.

Application Procedure

To find out how to register your interest and apply for this programme, please see our Apply Now page.

Places are filling quickly, so please submit your application as soon as possible to secure a place to study on the BSc. in Biomedical Science programme for September 2017.


  • 1. How do you manage to cover the same amount of work for a 3-year BSc in 2-years – what corners are you cutting?
  • 2. What guarantee is there that I will get into a UK medical or dental school after I have graduated from this course?
  • 3. What is your success rate in getting graduates into UK medical or dental school after this BSc course?
  • 4. Can you provide me with a list of which UK medical or dental schools are most likely to consider my application as a graduate?
  • 5. If I start the BSc, can I leave after the 1st year?(Pre-Med year)
  • 6. Why have you decided to offer a 2-year BSc? Whats wrong with the standard 3-year?
  • 7. I have an offer from another university to do a similar BSc. Why should I turn that down to study with you instead?
  • 8 If this is a University of Buckingham course and I will be their student, why are you called ‘Medipathways’?
  • 9. Are you not squashing too much study into 2-years, what should really be taught over 3-years?
  • 10. If I decide not to apply for medical or dental school after graduation, how do I know employers or my MSc. application will be considered positively?
  • 11. While studying the BSc, should I re-sit A-level(s) at the same time?
  • 12. Is the course accredited by the IBMS?
  • 13. If I started on your 2-year BSc, but then then I wanted to transfer to your 3-year BSc, would this be possible?
  • 14. Can I apply for Accreditation of Prior Learning?