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University of Buckingham Academic Dress

University of Buckingham Academic Dress


Academic Dress

Academic dress comprises a gown, hood and mortarboard.

Do I need to wear an academic robe?

Yes. The ceremony is a formal event and you must wear the correct robe relating to your award. It is not possible to receive a degree unless the appropriate academic dress is worn.

What should I wear with my robe?

Underneath your gown you should wear a lounge suit (if you are a man) or day dress or smart trousers / skirt and blouse  (for women). If it is appropriate then you may wear traditional costume. You may find it useful to bring some safety pins or hair grips to help with securing your hood and hat. If your shoes are new, don’t forget to remove the labels.

How do I hire or buy my robes?

Details on how to hire your robe can be found on the Ede & Ravenscroft website where you’ll also find information about purchasing your robe (if required). If you have any problems with hiring your robe please contact Ede & Ravenscroft directly. You must still sign-in with the Registry in the Chandos Road Building if you buy your academic dress.

How much does it cost to hire my robes?

The cost of hiring your robes is as follows:

  • Certificate – £32
  • Bachelor’s degree – £45
  • Master’s degree – £51
  • Research degree (MPhil/DPhil) – £58

There is an additional charge of £5 if gowns are ordered by phone, rather than online.

Download the Ede & Ravenscroft gown hire flyer.

What information will the gown hire company need?

You will need to give the gown hire company your full height (from the top of your head to the ground), either in metres or feet and inches. If your chest measurement is greater than 132cm (52 in) then you will need to give them your exact measurement. You will also need your hat size. To do this you need to measure around your head at a point 2.5cm (1 in) above your eyebrows.

Where should I collect my robes from on the day?

Ede &amp Ravenscroft will be located in the Chandos Road Building. Please collect your gown after signing in with Registry and remember to bring your order reference number (given to you by Ede & Ravenscroft when you ordered your robe). There will be attendants to help you with your academic dress.