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Web Room Booking (WRB) is an online room requesting tool (linked to the University’s, Syllabus Plus, timetabling system). It enables any UoB member of staff to be able to request Learning Facilities Management (LFM) supported rooms electronically for meetings, talks, and other non-teaching events. You, the requestor, will receive electronic notification – via email – of your booking’s status: accepted or declined (and, where appropriate, an explanation).

What are the benefits?

  • Requestors can check availability of rooms themselves and be shown alternatives
  • Requestors can cancel their request themselves at any point (even once booked)
  • Requestors can view a list of all their requests, their status and details (retained for the requestor’s information)

Teaching requests

Staff must not use the Web Room Booking Tool to book rooms for teaching activities and Room Bookings will not process any teaching requests received. Teaching rooms for activities associated with a unit code or an activity that needs to be shown on student/staff timetables must be arranged by your local  Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer.

Bookings that are not associated with teaching but would benefit from being displayed on a student/staff timetable (i.e. regular research seminars) should be discussed with your Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer.

Exam requests

Locally held Exam bookings that are associated with particular unit codes must be arranged by your Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer, unless your exam is hosted by an external organization in which case please contact the Conference Office.

Room Bookings for main University exams are organised by the Examinations Office.

Room Bookings for alternative arrangement exams can be requested through WRB.

Student requests

Student Society requests should be made via Learning Facilities Management’s online booking request form. Student Societies are welcome to request rooms should the Student Union be unable to accommodate them. If you have any questions regarding the student society bookings please email: