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Welcome to the online home of Bristol University Press
The creation of Bristol University Press (BUP) was announced in October 2016, and we look forward to developing this site as we put our plans into action over the coming months.

BUP was founded to give the existing press at the University of Bristol, the award-winning Policy Press, a means to expand into new areas and access a broader stream of research that will allow it to grow and flourish throughout the world. As it grows, it will carry its deep commitment to high quality scholarship, and its commitment to author care, to a larger and wider audience.

It also reflects the commitment of the University of Bristol to support the creation and dissemination of the highest quality research throughout the world and to encouraging teaching and learning innovation.

Policy Press will continue to operate as before, publishing impactful work in the areas for which it is known, albeit now from within the larger Bristol University Press. BUP will publish world-class scholarship that advances knowledge and learning across the social sciences in interdisciplinary and global context.

“For the past 20 years, Policy Press has been enriching academic and broader social debate in the United Kingdom and around the world. We are delighted, therefore, to invest in the future of the press and to expand its remit, under the new Bristol University Press, to encompass a broader range of scholarship of the highest quality. At this exciting time for the University of Bristol, the establishment of BUP is an ideal way to promote the values and mission of the University worldwide.”  
Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Bristol 

“Policy Press is a great springboard from which to create a new university press that can respond to the immense changes and opportunities in academia and scholarly publishing. University presses are a crucial part of our intellectual, social and cultural landscape, and it is an exciting privilege to play a larger role in it than ever before. I am enormously proud of what we have achieved, and excited about the future.” Alison Shaw, Chief Executive, Policy Press/Bristol University Press

Editorial announcements

In addition to its ongoing commitment to social change through its publishing under the Policy Press imprint, BUP will begin commissioning books and journals under the new Bristol University Press imprint in 2017.