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Krav Maga, meaning close fight or closet combat, is the official hand to hand and self defence system of the Israeli Military.

The Krav Maga system was created by Imi Sde Orin in the late 1940’s for the IDF, as a result of witnessing Nazi gangs beating up Jews. He realised that his background in wrestling and boxing was of little use in the face of this level of violence. The street beatings would be severe resulting in broken bones, serious injury and even death. In Fascist occupied Europe, Jews had no legal rights and no legal protection

After the state of Israel was created in 1948, the IDF approached Imi as they needed a simple, effective, close quarter combat system that could be taught to a conscript army in a very short period of time. Imi drew on his martial arts, military (Imi was in the Czech Legion of the British Army) and street experience to create his unique programme of training

Imi’s programme of Krav Maga proved so successful that it was taught to all IDF, and later to over 500 Military Law Enforcement Units Internationally. Currently Krav Maga is the largest Reality Based Self Defence system in the world

During the 70+ years since it’s inception, Krav Maga remains the longest standing military hand to hand combat system in the world . It’s history and evolution make Krav Maga unique and unprecedented as a self defence method.


What really differentiates our society from others is the quality of our instructor.

Will Bayley is an occasional civilian Krav Maga instructor to NATO at their base in Gloucester and runs BKMA clubs in Swindon and Gloucester. He is a martial artist with some 18 years training experience and 10 years of teaching experience. With a background in Ninjutsu he came to Krav Maga seeking realism and was attracted by the simplicity and ease of learning offered by Krav Maga, along with its unrelenting focus on what works in the real world. His Students include both serving and former members of the armed focres, police force, and celebrities.