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Some companies start off with a noble vision and a grand idea. PlayerLayer did not. It started with four guys who loved sport and were fascinated by the arrival of a new product in sport called baselayer. We started a company, which made customised baselayers for people in pro teams in the sports we loved and we played ourselves. The pros and their coaches demanded the best and so a culture of great product became the first principle of the new company. Even the name, PlayerLayer, was chosen because it talked about the product.

A few short years later that small idea has taken a life of its own and has indeed developed into something much bigger than we ever expected.

To satisfy the pros, our performance layers had to be the best. However, the pros and their coaches not only loved the quality. They loved the idea that their kit could be personalised and they loved the idea that they could help to design and develop the kit for themselves by talking to our designers. They felt that the kit belonged to them and they belonged to the process of developing the kit.

They soon asked for more and different types of kit. We now make all kinds of customised sports clothing and we continue the same design philosophy. Today we have a world-class product development team in our UK design studio, but we continue to ask our players and coaches to help us to design the kit. Our product team spends much of their time taking input and ideas from the people who know our kit and use it every day. PlayerLayer kit belongs as much to them as it does to us.