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Extenuating Circumstances

Guidance on student absence during the teaching period due to illness or other cause is provided at section 5. The regulatory procedure for consideration of extenuating circumstances is provided in the Examination Regulations (section 10, annex 3). Also available:

17.1   Extenuating circumstances are circumstances external to study within the university that a student believes has affected their performance in assessment.

17.2   The effects that properly reported extenuating circumstances have on a student’s performance must be considered by boards of examiners when making progression, completion or classification decisions.

The reporting of extenuating circumstances

17.3   The reporting of extenuating circumstances and their effects is the responsibility of the student.

17.4   A student must use the university’s extenuating circumstances form in order to notify the University of any extenuating circumstances that may have affected his or her ability to fulfil the criteria for the award of credit points or to perform to the best of his or her ability in assessment events.

17.5   If a student wishes a board of examiners to take any extenuating circumstances into account, the completed extenuating circumstances form must be submitted to the relevant school office before the meeting of the board of examiners at which the student’s performance in assessment is considered. A written record must be kept of such matters.

As referenced in section 5, if an extenuating circumstance has meant that a student is unable to submit a summative coursework assignment by the agreed deadline, the student should request an extension before the assignment deadline and may need to complete and submit an extenuating circumstances form. Schools may ask for evidence of the circumstance before agreeing to an extension.

Information on the process for submitting requests for extensions due to extenuating circumstances, including responsibilities in considering the requests, will be made available to students. All authorised extensions will be recorded and available to the ECC and the Boards of Examiners