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We work with people across the University using technology to enhance learning, teaching, and assessment. We provide support and training for a range of tools and practices, work on projects to develop the University’s TEL provision, and help people to share and learn about new ideas and good practice. You can find out more on our support and training, projects, and ideas for practice pages.

A major part of our work is implementing the University’s TEL Strategy, using technology to:

  • Enhance convenience for students and staff
  • Empower students and staff with enhanced learning environments and activities
  • Engage people, supporting the lifelong intellectual relationship between the University, our students, and the wider intellectual community
  • Enhance the reputation of the University as a centre of excellence
  • Deliver high-quality, reliable, efficient, integrated, intuitive, user experience focussed solutions and support

Find out more on the TEL Strategy project page.

We work closely with TELAN (the TEL-focused subcommittee of the University’s Education Committee) as well as with individual academics, support staff, schools, subject-based TEL staff and IT Services.

You can always contact us with questions about our activities or about TEL.

Blackboard is the University of Bristol’s centrally-supported online learning environment. It has a range of tools for communication, collaboration, assessment, feedback, reflection and content management, as well as providing an online space for activities to support student learning. Blackboard is an example of a virtual learning environment, or VLE:

“…a ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (VLE) [is] designed to act as a focus for students’ learning activities and their management and facilitation, along with the provision of content and resources required to help make the activities successful.” [1]

In recent years, the University has invested in additional elements of Blackboard, including the Mobile Learn app, the Content System, the Community System and assignment receipts for online submssions. Additional tools including Mediasite (lecture capture), Turnitin (plagiarism detection)  and the library reading list tool (TALIS) integrate with Blackboard. The Community system allows spaces for social or non-teaching activities, which are called organisations.