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University Of Bristol Biochemistry

Bristol’s School of Biochemistry has an excellent reputation for the quality of both its teaching and its research making it one of the best places to study biochemistry in the UK.

We provide a number of biochemistry courses and offer you the opportunity to spend a year in an industrial or research placement as part of your degree. Our courses offer a great deal of flexibility and choice, allowing you to explore a wide range of subjects and tailor your degree to your own interests.

Why study Biochemistry at Bristol?

Biochemistry is a scientific discipline with the ultimate aim of understanding life’s processes at a molecular level. Broadly, it encompasses:

  • the chemical nature and structure of biological molecules and how they interact with each other;
  • complex cellular reactions and the generation of energy to power cellular activity;
  • communication and co-ordination within and between cells;
  • the replication, expression and repair of genetic material.

Our teaching at Bristol is informed by a wealth of wide-ranging and cutting edge research ensuring our undergraduate students receive rigorous and relevant tuition.

The school’s research groups investigate some of the major challenges in modern biochemistry using problem solving approaches, ranging from a detailed examination of biological processes at the level of single molecules, to exploring the complex organisation of cells and whole organisms.

International students who are offered a place on courses within the School of Biochemistry can apply for an Undergraduate International Scholarship.

What kind of student would this course suit?

Our biochemistry courses are ideally suited to you if you have a strong interest in experimental work and biomedical research. You need to be a motivated, independent learner and good numeracy skills are essential.

I applied for Biochemistry as it focuses on Chemistry with a strong practical element. The University has an excellent reputation for science-related courses, and provides lots of different facilities for private study to suit all students.

Holly (BSc Biochemistry with Study in Industry)

How is this course taught and assessed?

We provide an excellent teaching framework to support your learning through lectures, practicals, workshops and small group tutorials. You will receive thorough training in experimental techniques in our modern teaching laboratories.