University of Brighton Youth Work

University of Brighton Youth Work

Youth workers have a challenging and highly rewarding role, providing support for young people primarily between the ages of 13 and 19, as they learn about themselves and the society in which they live.

This course will suit you if you are a trainee or part-time youth worker. The course is endorsed by the National Youth Agency (NYA). On successful completion of the course you will be deemed to be professionally qualified as a youth worker according to the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) framework for youth and community workers.

The part-time design of this course enables you to study for a professional qualification while you are working.

Vital youth work experience is delivered via your primary placement (your current work setting) and three additional placements in years 2 and 3. Your youth work practice and university-based work is balanced and closely linked throughout the course.

Course structure

The Youth Work BA(Hons) is a part-time, work-based programme that runs over four years.

Learning methods include small group seminars, participatory workshops and online learning experiences. You will also attend lectures by experienced practitioners, tutors and researchers.

Typically you will:

  • study for one day a week (as well as some Saturdays)
  • be supported in your individual learning and career progression throughout
  • take on a series of structured work-related tasks and assignments, supported by an individual work-based mentor
  • visit other settings and complementary learning environments
  • conclude your studies with an individual extended professional enquiry of your own choosing.

Year 1


  • The Practitioner as Learner
  • Children and Young People’s Learning and Development
  • Relationships and Interventions with Young People
  • Informal Education and the Youth Work Curriculum
  • Professional Reflective Practice in Learning and Development

Year 2


  • Contemporary Issues for Young People
  • Group Work with Young People
  • Managing People and Provision
  • Safeguarding and Promoting Welfare and Wellbeing
  • Further Professional Reflective Practice in Learning and Development

Year 3


  • Young People, Transitions and Change
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Understanding Participation and Community Development
  • Quality Assurance in Services for Young People
  • Professional Identity and Inter-professional Practice Development

Year 4


  • Practitioners as Researchers
  • Professional Enquiry: Informal Learning and Development

Entry requirements