University of Brighton VISA

University of Brighton VISA

If you’re a national of a non-European Economic Area (EEA) country and you do not already have a UK visa or residence permit that allows you to study at the university, you will need to apply for and obtain a visa to study with us.

There are two types of visas for studying in the UK: the Tier 4 Student visa and the short-term study visa.

  • If you are going to study a degree course or pre-sessional course, it’s likely that you’ll need to apply for the Tier 4 Student visa.
  • If you are coming to study a short course (but not a pre-sessional English course) then the short-term study visa may be a more appropriate.

The University of Brighton is registered as a Tier 4 sponsor under the Points Based System (PBS) for immigration.

Short-term study visa

Do I need a short-term study visa or Tier 4 visa?

Short-term study visas are primarily for short courses of less than six months duration for example, for a short English language course or for study as part of a study abroad or exchange programme. However, it is also possible to apply for an extended short-term study visa if you are coming to study an English language course for up to 11 months.

In some cases, it may also be possible to apply for a short-term study visa if you are outside of the UK and need to come back to complete your degree course and you will be coming back to the UK for less than six months (for example, to resit exams), or if you are coming to the university for a short period as part of a degree course via distance learning.

If you are coming to the UK to study a full-time degree course at the University of Brighton then you normally will need to apply for a Tier 4 visa, unless we have advised you otherwise. If you are coming to study one of our pre-sessional courses before you start your degree course, you should also apply for a Tier 4 visa.

  • If you need to apply for a Tier 4 visa from outside of the UK please click here.
  • If you are already in the UK and need to extend your Tier 4 visa please click here.

Short-term students are not permitted to work while they are in the UK. This includes unpaid work that is part of your course.