University of Brighton Union

University of Brighton Union

University of Brighton Union, Brighton Students’ Union is dedicated to ensuring your time at University is the amazing, life-changing experience it should be. We are led by a team of student officers and work solely for our student members, so you can guarantee that we are on your side!

We support students by providing countless opportunities for students to meet people and make friends, find new hobbies, make changes, develop skills, receive academic advice and support from Union Support, gain staff support for activities and experiences, and even just offer a place for you to sit down with a coffee and chill.

Brighton Students’ Union Awards is a student led volunteering and teaching awards which celebrates the people and practises which add real value to the quality of university life. We are seeking to put a spotlight on and champion the outstanding contributions students and university staff make to the quality and fabric of university life.


Student Staff member of the Year 

BSU employs students wherever possible. This award should go to the member of student staff that goes above and beyond to make sure we offer outstanding services and customer service or makes sure the Union is a great place to visit.

  • Georgina Cooper
  • Frances Sweeney
  • Katharine Fraser

Elected Officer of the Year

For dedication and achievement in the representation of students.  

They might be part of a Campus Action Team, a School Rep, Liberation Officer or one of the other part time officers of Union Council.

  • Mark Harvey
  • Nic Amade
  • David Avery

Campaigner of the Year

For absolute dedication to the cause. 

Raising awareness and bringing about meaningful, lasting change for the benefit of others.

  • Pete Englesen
  • Claire Kidd

Enterprise Volunteer of the Year

For an outstanding volunteer from one of the student led coops or media channels that has brought real value and opportunity to their members.

  • Zoe Thompson
  • Robert Bone
  • Alison Rees
  • Liz Crane

Society of the Year (Group)