University of Brighton UCU

University of Brighton UCU

University of Brighton UCU negotiates with the universities Senior Management Team on behalf of all Academic and Research Staff.  Staff on fixed term and fractional contracts as well as those on permanent contracts are eligible to join, as are postgraduate students.  University of Brighton UCU also represents some support staff on Grade 6 and above on an individual basis.

UCU Nationally

UCU is the largest trade union working in further and higher education throughout the UK with around 120,000 members.  UCU works closely with other unions on mattes of common concern, often jointly lobbying government and other bodies on employment and educational issues.

New Staff – Special Offer!

If you join UCU within 30 days of the start of your employment, UCU will waive the normal 90-day waiting period for access to legal assistance.

Why Join?


UCU is the largest trade union and professional association working in further and higher education throughout the UK for anyone who works as an academic, lecturer, trainer, instructor, researcher, administrator, manager, computer staff, librarian or postgraduate.


UCU negotiates on everyone’s behalf and influences decisions on your behalf concerning

  • pay and grading
  • health & safety
  • equality
  • part-time contracts
  • research contracts


When UCU members have a problem at work, UCU supports them through local representatives and branch officers who can call on professional advice from Head Office.


News and advice on current issues is given by weekly electronic mailings and a printed quarterly magazine, UC.


If you want to become a representative, UCU offer many Training courses and support to develop your skills.

Benefits and Services

For financial advice, good deals for insurance, legal advice, and much more, Check the UCU benefits page or visit UCUPlus

How do I pay?

All new members now pay subscriptions by Direct Debit.  Direct Debit allows you to pay your subscription without intimating your membership status to your employer.  If you move institutions it’s easier for UCU to move your membership to your new local branch.

How Much will it cost?

The monthly subscription is based on your earnings


University of Brighton UCU Co-ordinating and Negotiating Committee

Chair – Mark Abel 01272643325 Email Mark Abel .

Secretary – Sheila Cullen 01273 642699 Email Sheila Cullen

Treasurer – Cyprian Njue 01273 642439 – Email Cyprian Njue

Equalities Officer -Khizer Saeed 01273 642699 Email Khizer Saeed

Health and Safety Officer – Sheila Cullen 01273 642699 Email Sheila Cullen

Communications – Nadia Edmond 01273 643448 Email Nadia Edmond

Casework Coordinator – Chris Cocking 01273 644510 Email Chris Cocking

Disability and Gender Officer – Deborah Gibberd 01273 643054 – Email Deborah Gibberd