University of Brighton Transcript

University of Brighton Transcript

BTEC Transcript



University of Brighton Transcript, Duplicate versions of the certificate and transcript received in relation to the successful completion of a course of study conferred by the Business and Technology Education Council.

Only available to students who have completed their studies after the year 2000.
An official document that shows all of the successfully completed modules whilst enrolled as a student at the University.

PLEASE NOTE: Previous students of Nursing and Midwifery that require a full training transcript please contact the School directly to arrange this; Registry cannot provide the information that you need.

Please send an email to for further information/instructions in relation to this.

School of Health Professions students please scroll down and select the relevant product.

Detailed Description

Duplicates have precisely the same standing as the original which they replace, are produced in the format currently in use and may nor be a facsimile copy of the original.

Under no circumstances will the University issue additional copies or duplciates to any applicant holding an original certificate.

The transcript shows the code and title of the course components (modules or units) which have comprised your programme of study; the academic year in which they were taken; the level at which the component was offered and the result indicating the performance achieved in each component. Each component is assigned a credit value.